Other Services


MSP Associates is a cost-effective outsourcing service provider. We specialize and offer highly competitive and efficient BPO services to diverse business verticals in the UAE. By outsourcing your everyday processes and functions, you save valuable time and resources which in turn enables you to focus on core competencies and growth of your company.

Financial advisory

MSP Associates’ financial advisory service is a comprehensive, personalized solution that empowers businesses to make informed financial decisions. We are dedicated to understanding your unique financial goals and crafting strategies to help you achieve them. We also provide our experienced advice on Project Financing and Letter of Credit (LC) Finance.
  • Project Financing: Our project financing service is tailored to support businesses embarking on ambitious projects and significant ventures as we understand the unique financial challenges associated with such ventures. We provide customized funding solutions as per the project timelines, cash flow requirements, and risk profiles.
  •  Letter of Credit (LC) Finance: MSP Associates offers a strong Letter-of-Credit finance service to facilitate international trade transactions and foster business growth. We understand the importance of mitigating payment and performance risks in cross-border dealings. Through our LC Finance service, clients can leverage letters of credit to enhance trust between buyers and sellers. We provide flexible financing options based on the terms and conditions of the LC, enabling smoother trade operations.
  • IT and Corporate Software Solutions

    At MSP Associates, we prioritize scalability, security and user experience in our software solutions through ERP systems, CRM business intelligence, analytics and workflow automation. Whether it’s optimizing internal workflows, improving collaboration, or enhancing data analytics capabilities, our Corporate Software Solutions are designed to empower organizations to stay competitive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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