Company Formation

As one of the prominent company formation consultants in the UAE, we offer dependable and prompt services for all your company formation requirements. Our expert team collaborates with a diverse range of legal and government authorities to effectively and efficiently establish your company. Additionally, we handle the renewal of old trade licenses, amendments to Memoranda of Association (MOAs), transfers, changes in license activities, company name modifications, board member appointments and resignations, issuance of certificates of good conduct, and all related certificates. The UAE presents extensive opportunities for the formation of various types of companies

UAE Free Zone Company Formation

UAE Mainland Company Formation

UAE Off-Shore Company Formation

With over 50 free zones catering to various business types, MSP Associates is committed to guiding you to the most suitable one based on your specific requirements. A mainland company obtains its license directly from the Department of Economic Development in the respective Emirate of the UAE. In Dubai, the available licenses include:
  1. Dubai Commercial License
  2. Dubai Professional License
  3. Dubai Representative Office
Alternatively, an offshore company operates outside the jurisdiction of its ownership. In the UAE, the offshore business centre facilitates company formation without the necessity for a physical presence. However, it’s essential to note that this form of company formation is not permitted for conducting business within the UAE; It is exclusively authorized for business activities conducted outside the UAE.
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